6 Fun Building Projects for Spring!

Spring is the perfect time to start a DIY project. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, and starting a DIY project is the perfect way to take advantage of the season. Whatever your project, big or small, Wilway Lumber has the supplies and advice to get your project going!

  1. Raised garden beds or planters

Raised garden beds or planters are the perfect building project for spring. Raised garden beds allow you to grow flowers and veggies in a controlled environment. They keep away weeds, prevent soil compaction, and even prevent slugs and snails from eating your plants! They can also make your garden look beautiful.

The great thing about building raised garden beds or planter this season, is that project can be as big or as small as you’d like. A beginner or a gardener with little space, might want to start with a smaller DIY project like a custom planter. Planters have all the benefits of a raised bed and can be made to fit in smaller spaces. Wilway Lumber also has all of the supplies and advice for the avid gardener who wants to build large backyard garden beds for growing lots of plants!

2. Dog house

Dog houses are a great springtime DIY project that you can have a lot of fun with. It’s a smaller project so you could even involve the kids, or complete it on a free weekend. Dog Houses are great because you can get as creative as you want. You could even build it to match the look and style of your house! Whatever you do, your dog will love it.  Wilway Lumber, your Abbotsford hardware store, is the one-stop place for all the supplies you need, so you can get building!

3. Deck

This is one of the bigger projects on the list, but the right supplies and advice from Wilway Lumber can make it a whole lot easier. And springtime is the perfect time of year to start a deck project because you could be benefiting from your hard work by summer! Wilway Lumber, your Abbotsford hardware store, has a wide selection of lumber, paints, and stains to help you build the perfect deck!

4. Picnic table

A picnic table is a unique and useful building project. A backyard picnic table is the perfect spot to enjoy a summer meal, play a game of cards, or have a few drinks. It’s the springtime building project that will bring everyone outside! Wilway Lumber has everything you need to get your build started.

5. Tree house or playhouse

This is the project your kids will love the most! Every kid dreams of having a treehouse or playhouse in his or her backyard.  Wilway Lumber can help you make this dream come true.  This summer, you’ll finally get the kids away from TV and video games and get them outside! Make this the year you build your kids a fun space to play.

6. Birdhouse

You may not have the time or resources to complete the bigger DIY projects on this list. So why not do something simple and fun, like make a birdhouse? Wilway Lumber, your Abbotsford hardware store, has everything you need.  It’s also a great project to complete with the kids. Plus you’ll get to see the many birds that will l visit your yard or patio! Just remember to pick up some birdseed!

Visit Wilway Lumber in Abbotsford, BC for all your DIY needs.  If you need help getting started call 604-856-5144!