The How-To Experts: Picket Fences

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The How-To Experts: Paint Problems

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6 Fun Building Projects for Spring!

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Are You Choosing the Right Building Supplies?

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4 Things You Should Expect From Your Building Material Supplier

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11 Power Tools Safety Rules

Always use the right tool Read instructions thoroughly and carefully Keep fingers away from switches Disconnect tools when not in use Be careful with the cords Regularly inspect your power tools Always maintain cleanliness in work area Wear appropriate clothes all the... read more

How to Choose Lumber for Woodworking

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5 Tricks for Treated Lumber

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Are You Choosing the Right Insulation Supplies?

Understand what insulation is and what it can do for your household. Learn more about R-value Know where to install insulation. Determine the type of insulation needed.   Understand what insulation is and what it can do for your household. Understanding... read more